ATW History

ATW History

Introduction of Asian transplantation Week

Since 2016, the Korean Society for Transplantation has developed its annual autumn congress into an international congress and named the ‘Asian Transplantation Week (ATW).’ The goal of ATW is to serve as a milestone for all Asian societies in the development of their transplant programs, contributing to the establishment of a solid foundation for their initiatives.

The Asian Transplantation Week provides a significant opportunity to gain professional experience and knowledge in the field of organ transplantation. We have no doubt that Asian Transplantation Week will rise to the occasion as Asia’s leading transplant-related academic congress both in name and reality.

Principles and Values of the Asian Transplantation Week

To disseminate Korea’s scientific advances in transplantation surgery through ATW congress

To provide clinical and academic support for transplant programs to be established in Asian countries

To promote friendship among clinicians, coordinators, social workers, and scientists involved in the related fields

History of Asian Transplantation Week

ATW 2016

1st Asian Transplantation Week (ATW 2016)

October 27 (Thu) – 29 (Sat), 2016

Grand Hyatt Incheon, Incheon, Korea

Asian Transplantation Today and Tomorrow: Moving into Mainstream

769 participants from 29 Countries

ATW 2017

2nd Asian Transplantation Week (ATW 2017)

October 18 (Wed) – 22 (Sun), 2017

Grand Hyatt Incheon, Incheon, Korea

Asian Transplant, Where Do We Stand

841 participants from 27 Countries

ATW 2018

3rd Asian Transplantation Week (ATW 2018)

November 8 (Thu) – 10 (Sat), 2018

BEXCO, Busan, Korea

One Step Forward, Collaboration in Asian Transplant Experts

846 participants from 29 Countries

ATW 2019

4th Asian Transplantation Week (ATW 2019)

October 17 (Thu) – 19 (Sat), 2019

Gyeongju HICO, Kyungju, Korea

Asian Transplantation: Growing and Moving Forward in Harmony

801 participants from 29 Countries

ATW 2020

5th Asian Transplantation Week (ATW 2020)

December 3 (Thu) – 5 (Sat), 2020

Virtual Congress

Adapting to the New Normal: New Future of Asian Transplantation

542 participants from 25 Countries

ATW 2021

6th Asian Transplantation Week (ATW 2021)

October 7 (Thu) – 9 (Sat), 2021

EXCO, Daegu, Korea & Online (Hybrid Congress)

New Horizon for Better Transplantation in Asia

728 participants from 35 Countries

ATW 2022

7th Asian Transplantation Week (ATW 2022)

November 17 (Thu) – 19 (Sat), 2022

Conrad Seoul, Seoul, Korea

Dream Bigger: Moving to the Next Level of Asian Transplantation

1,057 participants from 37 Countries

Development of Asian Transplantation Week

Registration Data of ATW 2019~2022