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Host City, Incheon

One Port - Beginning of Korean Modern History
The Open Port is the place where the past is felt up to the present. Although, the buildings are old, these exude aunique sentiment. By considering the past as the steppingstone, it prepares us for ourfuture.

Islands of Incheon – Untainted Mystery
There are about 168 mysterious islands in Incheon. When the unique value of each untainted island is revealed, the exotic nature of the islands can be experienced.

Songdo International City – Leading Global City
The Songdo International City is a high technology city. It is abundant with romance. Life and industries co-mingle with culture and arts, as if the world’s cities are gathered together in one city. The cultures of the east and the west are experienced in the Songdo International City. It is the future of Korea.

Attractions of Incheon

Incheon Open Port Trail along
Islands of Incheon
Old and New Incheon - Parks